Strong and Feminine

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Strong and Feminine

Let’s face it.  Most women go to the gym because they want to look good when they go out on the town or while wearing their favorite dress.  Generally speaking, in looking at the above four pictures most women would like to have a physique similar to that shown in three of the pictures.  The fourth picture, maybe not so much.

The truth is, both the women on the left have participated in the Olympic Games. Sprinter Allyson Felix pictured on the top left is rumored to deadlift in excess of 300 lbs.  Natalie Woolfolk –Burgener (bottom left) is a U.S. Olympic Weightlifting team member (a.k.a stronger than just about every guy I know).  I’m not sure who the other girl is in the top right photo but she sure is easy on the eyes and I bet she is stronger than most of the women you would see at the local commercial gym.

The moral of the story is this:  Just because a woman trains with heavy weights it doesn’t mean she will suddenly morph into a Ms. Olympia contestant (bottom right).  In fact, those women have put forth many years of hard work and dedication to look a certain way.  It may not be what you want but you don’t get that way from squatting and deadlifting with more than pink dumbbells.  When done correctly, a lean feminine look can and should be achieved by lifting challenging weights for much fewer than the typical 12-20 reps that many females are used to doing.


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2 Responses to Strong and Feminine

  1. Judy says:

    That was a great article. Its nice to hear things like that. I hear so many women saying “I am going to be huge”. No your NOT. Talk with your trainer and let him or her know exactly what you want from your workouts and I’m positive the trainer will make it happen! Who doesn’t want to look good?

    A Huge Thanks to Mike for always educating me on what I eat. (I never comply) but it’s nice someone cares and contiues to educate!

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