What Are You Good At?

Think about it.  Maybe you love skiing and regularly dominate black diamond trails.  Maybe you hope to earn a black belt through your study of a mixed martial art.  Is it possible that you are really good at math? (See picture above).  Regardless, consider the time spent achieving these skills, most likely many years of specific practice.  Nothing worth doing comes easy and owning a strong and healthy body is no different.

My point is this; you don’t learn algebra before putting in a few years of math during elementary school.  Black belts aren’t just handed out after attending class for a few months.  Whether you seek the perfect body, a high level of strength, or the ability to complete a triathlon, it’s going to take some “studying”.  Be patient and focused.  Slowly build your skill set by crushing the basics over and over again.  Track your progress over time.  It won’t happen over night.  “We” aren’t on The Biggest Loser here folks.  This is reality.  I think too often those seeking a “toned” body or more speed in sport are looking for a quick fix.  If your fitness level or body composition leaves something to be desired, think about the amount of time it took you to get to that point.  That didn’t happen over night either.  It’s going to take time and effort, just like learning math, although training is so much more fun, right?

– Mike Baltren




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