Perform Better Seminar ’11 Review

On Saturday January 15th I attended the Perform Better 1-Day Seminar in LA.  It was a great experience as anticipated.  I was familiar with all presenters going in and they did not disappoint.  Here are some of the key points that stuck with me from each speaker.

Rachel Cosgrove:  Creating Breakthrough Results with your Female Clients

This is important to me because I do train quite a few females.  The first note that I wrote down during Rachel’s talk was about empowering women and creating “a-ha” moments for them.  By teaching them how to weight train properly they can not only build the confidence to step away from the pink dumbbells and the aerobics classes but begin to realize that they can in fact be strong and do things such as push ups, chin ups and deadlifts.  Rachel mentioned that some trainers might feel like they “are stuck training housewives” but to get out of that mindset because once challenged many of these women make great progress and bring out their inner athlete.  I personally have never felt “stuck” as I have trained females of all ages and they often or even usually the most fun to train because of their willingness to learn.  As a trainer I can really help them build from scratch and reach levels they never thought they could.

However, Rachel pointed out, in order to make this happen you must be able to communicate, ask specific questions and speak their language.  Those who know me and my relationship with women in regards to communication and asking questions would say that this is an area that needs some work.  I would agree.

Alwyn Cosgrove:  Fat Loss Programming

Alwyn pointed out that the number one reason people hire a trainer is weight loss.  However, most of us trainers may not be very qualified if you were to look at what is taught in the certification texts.  He then touched on many points similar to those written in his article “The Hierarchy of Fat Loss”.  Diet comes first, then proper training.  After citing numerous studies he defined what proper training is for fat loss.  That being strength and metabolic lifting as well as high intensity anaerobic interval training and not the traditional 45, 50, or even 60 minutes of aerobic exercise as the studies showed.  Some of this information is not new to me but certainly has not become mainstream yet (see your local gym).  Cosgrove went on to suggest the use self-limiting exercises are important in doing metabolic work.  This was a great refresher for me as I have heard this before.  Exercises such as get-ups, ropes, sled pushes, goblet squats, TRX rows, Airdyne sprints, etc. for the most part can’t be done wrong.  You are either doing it or you aren’t.  When that sled stops moving or you can’t pull yourself up again, it’s time to stop (or even before that).

Todd Durkin:  Creating Maximum I.M.P.A.C.T. in the Fitness Field

Todd is a very animated guy who provides a lot of enthusiasm.  He challenged us as trainers to be leaders, carry ourselves with pride, and strive to get better each and every day.  He gave us many ways to do this, from simply working hard and staying focused, to choosing time wisely and investing in ourselves on our journey toward mastery.  He then gave us some homework to do!  I have yet to finish mine but he asked us to take a look at our lives on a scale and see if it is balanced.  He asked us to take some quality alone time and write down goals on a daily, weekly and yearly basis so as to stay on track and remain undistracted.

Mike Boyle:  Success Secrets

I liked Mike’s presentation.  Just like in his training he kept it simple.  Some of the points that I took home were, that if you want something, just keep working hard.  If you really care, don’t give up.  He referred to the books “Outliers” and “Talent Is Overrated” several times in relation to putting in 10,000 hours to be an expert and opportunity.  Keep busting your ass and eventually you will be in the right place at the right time.  Finally, he emphasized being good to others, helping them along their journey, over delivering, and Taking Action!  Between both Todd and Mike it was great to get some information and motivation that wasn’t directly related to exercises, sets and reps but more centered on people and business.

– Mike Baltren

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