Strong and Feminine

Not all women have the same goals but generally speaking those that walk into the gym and are regularly active want to look and feel better.  I can tell you from experience that many of these women are either unfamiliar with how to train properly with free weights and their own body, or just too intimidated.  With possibly a few exceptions, women should train the same way as men.  If you listen to the nonsense that people like Tracey Anderson and Gwnyth Paltrow spew then you might not believe me for fear of looking like this woman.

Don’t believe the hype.  Drugs can do amazing things.  Now don’t get me wrong, if that is your goal then it’s ok with me.  To each her own. However, if that is not your goal then it is best to simply train like a human being regardless of whether you are currently satisfied with your body composition.  Even those not seeking change can still remain healthy by regularly moving through a full range of motion, controlling their bodies in various planes and elevating their heart rate.  Tiny movements like crunches and leg lifts can only take you so far, isolating one small muscle at a time so as to allegedly not make them too super humanly large.  In contrast, an exercise like the Get-Up (seen below) or a push-up can teach lumbo-pelvic stabilization, better body awareness, and train multiple muscles at one time.  The women shown below are each demonstrating compound movements that require different levels of skill and effort to improve upon.  My point is this, I might spend way too much time in the gym but I would bet most of the women I know, of various ages, would be happy to have the body of at least one of the women shown below.  To truly be lean, move well and be healthy, you must also have some strength.  It’s not easy but you just might have to earn the change you seek.

Neghar Fonooni should be an inspiration to all women and men for that matter.  She is incredibly lean and fit, yet very strong as demonstrated here with a 32kg (70 lb) kettlebell.  Amazing.  She has many other impressive videos of both her and her clients on her youtube channel.  Check it out.

More evidence that girls can lift real weights and look good doing it.  Not scared.

This is Beijing ’08 Olympic competitor and London ’12 hopeful Natalie Burgener.  I have been privileged enough to train alongside Natalie several times as well as some other extremely talented lifters, but she is the only person I have met that can literally make the bar rattle she is so fast.




I hope to show some video of women who train at Ambition Athletics before too long as there are some quite impressive ones.

-Mike Baltren





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