K.I.S.S. – Not Just a Mediocre 70’s Band


“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, very few” – Shunryu Suzuki

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Keep it simple (stupid).  I recently came across two of these articles and I thought they fit right along with what we believe at Ambition Athletics.  We strive to deliver the best but to also keep it simple.  Why?  Because we believe that’s the most effective way.  No gimmicks, just intelligent, hard training.


The Beauty of Simplicity – Mark Reifkind

Here coach Mark Reikind gives some honest thought and insight into training for himself and others.  My favorite part, “the personal records almost non existant except for the most important PR:  I did not miss any workouts, no matter how hard it was to make them.”   I have been thinking about this concept frequently of late.  I don’t remember the last time I missed a workout but I am aware that others do, that’s for sure.  The other important take away, not everyday is going to be a record breaker.  Be consistant and good things will happen.  Not everyday is going to be your day.  At the gym we are fond of saying “Well they can’t all be winners can they?” – Billy Bob Thorton, Bad Santa


Weight Training Programs: The Basics But With Variety – Eric Cressey

There is nothing I love more than the basics, progression and cute puppies.  You gotta see this face.  With puppy wisdom Eric explains how they use the old “same but different” strategy to build superior athletes at Cressey Performance.


Female Basketball Players Need To Get Strong – Ray Eady

I once heard the aforementioned Mark Reifkind say “Strong fixes everything”.  Maybe a bit of an oversimplification.   Maybe not.   Do you want to improve athleticism, speed, jumping ability or decrease injury?  Get stronger!  Keep it simple.  Here Ray Eady, strength coach at the University of Wisconsin talks about training the women’s basketball team.  This is a great article for female athletes but it certainly applies to everyone.


Occam’s Razor in Program Design – Brett Jones

I posted this article previously but it’s genius enough that I think it warrants a re-post, especially given this weeks theme.





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