Highland Games Recap

This past weekend, the men from Ambition Athletics competed in the Scotish Highland Games. I competed alongside Ambition Athletics Athlete Mike Grande in the lightweight division, while coaches Mike Baltren and Brian Crilly competed in the heavyweight division (0ver 200lbs).

In short. The event was a total blast. What could be better than wearing a kilt and throwing heavy stuff with friends?


The games started with Weight Over Bar. Heavyweights throw a 56lb weight over a bar and lightweights throw a 44lb weight. The bar starts at 10 feet and goes up progressively. I was excited for this because I feel it is my strongest event. I even threw at 10,11, and 12 feet with my left hand to save my energy. Then at 13 feet I missed. Switched to my right hand, and missed again due to bad trajectory. Mike Grande, who could compete in the masters, and has been training with me for the past 4 months, made 13 feet. The pressure was on and I was 1 miss away from being out of the event that I had been so looking forward to. I gave myself plenty of space and hurled my third attempt at 13 feet unmistakably over the bar. In the end I was able to throw the weight over the bar at 15’6″ which not only won me the competition but also set the lightweight record for that event.

Clearing 15 foot 6 inches

Mike took second in the heavyweight division just barely missing first place by knocking the bar over.

The other events went off mostly without a hitch. We weren’t able to practice the sheaf toss (throwing a 20lb burlap sack over a bar with a pitchfork) so it wasn’t our strongest event. Although Brian did manage a 3rd place finish in the sheaf having never done it before, uncovering his hidden farm boy potential.

The highlight may have been the caber toss as all the members of Ambition Athletics were able to successfully turn the caber.

In the end I took 1st in the lightweight division, and Mike Baltren took 3rd out of the heavyweights which is quite good considering this was his first time competing.

Bonus Event: The Idiot Stone

Throw a 275lb atlas stone for distance using any means necessary.


We’re all looking forward to the next competition.


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1 Response to Highland Games Recap

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Well done! Awesome performances by everyone.

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