Client Spotlight – Mike Grande

This week we would like to introduce you to Mike Grande (2nd from left).  Mike has been working hard at least two days a week at Ambition Athletics since the first part of the year.  He has made incredible improvements during that time.  As he will tell you, when Mike first came in the door he already had a great work ethic but his expectations were low based on his chronic shoulder and low back pain.  He was unable to raise one arm even close to vertical and not long before had been picked up by an ambulance, unable to move as he lay in his driveway with excruciating back pain.  Now Mike is running hill sprints up that steep driveway, has progressed to minimal pain, lost several pounds and built muscle.  And if that wasn’t enough, in June he went so far as to compete in the Scottish Highland Games and recently crushed 10 thick grip chin ups with 20 extra pounds as seen in the video below!  Quite an accomplishment.  Mike brings a great attitude to the gym each time and we are privileged to have him as part of the team at Ambition Athletics.  We look forward to his continued success.  Great job Mike.

Not bad for a guy who couldn’t lift his arm over his head.

This is a pretty solid improvement over having an ambulance pick you up from your driveway.

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2 Responses to Client Spotlight – Mike Grande

  1. Karen C. says:

    Very inspirational story. It is always great to hear about people in our community who have set goals and met or exceeded them. Mike G. you should be very proud of the hard work and dedication that you have shown. Mike Baltren and Max-you should feel proud of your ability to motivate someone, keep them healthy and even help them repair -all while getting fitter! Great job to you all!
    Karen C.

  2. Anne says:

    What an awesome story! Keep up the good work!

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