So I Was Thinking……..

I recently came across this blog post about self-discipline and found it very thought provoking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a diet coke almost every day and some Five Guys every Sunday but as my friend Max Shank says, every decision you make can boil down to cost/benefit.  It’s up to you to weigh your decision and do or do not.

That brings me to my next point.  A few weeks ago a client recommended that I check out the documentary Food Matters.  Although it talks about more plant-based diets, which are not my favorite, I certainly found the film interesting.  Especially because it went into detail about disease cure and prevention through high doses of vitamins as well as the pharmaceutical industry and it’s motives.  Not sure all will agree but it’s interesting and worth watching.  Check out the trailer below.  Much like the article above talks about how you are a result of what you love to do, Food Matters reminds us that you are what you eat.  In case you were wondering, the band singing the song in the trailer is The John Butler Trio.  I highly recommend checking this band out if you don’t know who they are as I have seen them in concert twice and was blown away by their live performance.

Staying on the topic of food, here is an interesting article I came across entitled, 5 Surprising Health Myths.  Although we don’t give a ton of nutrition advice per se at Ambition Athletics, we for the most part follow the guidelines mentioned in the article.  I am still surprised that this information is new for a lot of people.  You don’t have to believe it 100% but it’s definitely worth considering.

In other news, Reebok has apparently paid $25 million in a lawsuit admitting that their toning shoes claims aren’t backed up.  Image that.  Those toning shoes might not work?  I could have sworn I had seen numerous fat people just shedding incredible amounts of pounds recently while not changing their sedentary lifestyle in any way whatsoever other than strapping some BOSU balls to their feet.  I just can’t believe it.  Poor Reebok.  I’m also wondering if that means having my clients stand on round, dome shaped, cushioned, wobble or other related things is not the best way to produce fat loss and elicit a change in body composition.  This might be a huge breakthrough in things that have apparently never been researched yet are being utilized anyway.

So I was recently sitting at my favorite bar, alone on a Friday night enjoying a cold Guiness, staring at the TV buckling down and doing some hardcore research and studying when I came across a commercial for the Ab Glider starring Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Now Elisabeth has proven in the past that I should not be taking political advice from a reality TV star, but I was disappointed to learn that the same goes for exercise advice.  Not to mention that her husband, former NFL quarterback Tim, his brother, current NFLer Matt and their retired NFL dad Don are all big proponents of Crossfit.  Or Reebok pays them a lot, I’m not sure which.  The bottom line is that I am concerned for the Hasselbeck household.  Elizabeth is apparently swinging away on her Ab Glider while now watching reality TV in the living room with Tim is in the garage “doing Fran”.  Now, I think they’re both insane but I can’t image the disconnect in their active lifestyles.  If I know Crossfiters like I think I do she’ll be disowned from the family quicker than 3,2,1, GO.  (That’s Crossfit talk for the lay person)  If you’ve made it this far I leave you with one final image.  Tell me, how often do you see one of these and is it really due to the shoes?  The court has spoken.

– Mike Baltren

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  1. First those shoes, then Crossfit… Maybe Reebok has a secret hand in the Ab Glider or the “plant based diet,” too?

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