If It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It

Are you a person that runs a lot whether it’s to lose weight, tone up or because you think you should for health purposes?  Do you go to a class or two at the gym you belong to?  Do you dread going to your personal training sessions on a weekly basis? At Ambition Athletics we often say, “If it’s not, fun don’t do it.”  Some people love running.  It clears their head, they get the runners high when they train or maybe they like to compete.  That’s great!  By all means, enjoy it.  I love lifting heavy weights on a daily basis, it’s my therapy.  Others enjoy surfing or playing tennis regularly.  These are great ways to stay active, if you enjoy it.  If it’s not somewhat enjoyable and doesn’t make you feel good on some level then don’t torture yourself.

Training/exercise/movement should not be about punishing yourself or others.  Sure there are times to push the limits but it’s about making yourself better.  By that I mean, from either a health or performance perspective.  Train in the gym to be better outside of it.  Now, as the kids say in the streets, don’t get it twisted.  I am not advocating that just because something is uncomfortable then you should avoid it.  Pull-ups are difficult for most people.  I’m not giving you an out just because they aren’t your favorite exercise.  I don’t necessarily enjoy doing 300+ lb. Zercher squats but I know I will get a lot out of them and I very much enjoy the journey that is training regularly.  I look forward to my training on a daily basis.  If you are doing “X” a few times a week and you loathe it, then why are you doing it?  Especially if you are in a situation where you are pretty happy with how you currently look and feel.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say that just because you have a smile on your face while you power walk on the treadmill everyday that you are on the fast track to reaching your body composition goals or athletic prowess.  Understand that there are some ways to train that are superior to others and I will always recommend what I believe to be the best to those who ask me.  I personally believe that proper nutrition, joint mobility work and strength training are generally the best way to reach your goals.  Also understand that, on paper I might give you the best diet or workout in the world but it has to be appropriate for you.  It’s got to be sustainable, repeatable.  It might take baby steps to improve over time, because again the goal is to get better, not be miserable.  It should make you feel good on some level.  On the flip side of that, some people need to be reigned in a bit.  Trashing yourself through crazy workouts isn’t exactly a good idea either.  Just because you can, doesn’t always mean that you should.  Repeatable, sustainable.

Find something that helps you reach your goals whatever they may be, is sustainable and allows you to have a little bit of fun.  Understand that it’s to make you better outside of the gym and feel better about yourself.

– Mike Baltren

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