Suggested Reading

If I Could Do One Thing For The Fitness Industry – Dan John

Dan John is a veteran coach.  He knows A LOT.  He recently released a book that I plan on reading in the near future.  I suggest reading this entire article but here is a spoiler, “The stronger you are the easier it is to lose fat.  So, if you have a simple goal, like fat loss or throwing the discus far, focus more on simply getting stronger and we can improve your chances of getting there.”

Teach Your Female Personal Training Clients To Train Like Men – Neghar Fonooni

It would be difficult for me to ever suggest some reading and not have something that is directly related to women and training.  Ladies, please READ THIS!  The title says it all but Neghar is a fantastic writer as well as coach and provides some great insight for both women and coaches alike.  I’ve said it before, that I really enjoying coaching women.  I can’t always put in words exactly why but I think much of it has to do the potential for change/strength/happiness/learning that I see in so many women.  This article motivates me to motivate others.

A Fitness Life In Motion – Thomas Plummer

Fitness is motion – motion is life.  In this article Thomas Plummer talks about what fitness might mean to different people.  It’s not always about chasing elite standards and looks.  For some it’s about just moving, moving well, feeling good and/or having some fun.  That’s healthy too.  Some people may not be seeking dramatic changes or performance standards.  Although we expect great things from our clients at Ambition Athletics, one of the things we always talk about is that training with us should be about making you better at other things you enjoy outside of the gym.  That can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people including simply just life itself.  That being said, I think both an understanding of goals by the coach and the use of progression is very important.

What Crossfit Is And Isn’t – Dewey Nielsen

It’s just one man’s opinion.  However, from what I know about Dewey, his values seem to be in line with those of Ambition Athletics.  I think he gives an honest look at the situation here.

– Mike Baltren

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