Movement Quality, Strength and Education

At Ambition Athletics our mission statement reads:  Dedicated to the improvement of overall fitness and health through the commitment to movement quality, strength and education.  With the last five words being what we are really all about I will briefly try and share what they mean to me.

Movement Quality: 

Although repetition and practice are important, quality wins over quantity every time.  That being said, the 80% Rule is almost always in effect.  Joint mobility is paramount.  You must first move well and then move strong.  This will help to keep one healthy in the long term, also known as durability.


Once again the 80% Rule applies here.  What does that mean in short?  It means, train sub maximally, or not to failure, most of the time.  The weight is just relative.  This will allow for more efficient nervous system adaptation as well as recovery, and provide a model for sustainability or again, the long term.  Lastly, train the body as a whole.  When you are performing in life or sport, the body will work in unison so train it that way too so as to get the most of your work.


From a coaches perspective continuing education is crucial but we also want our clients to have an understanding of what they are doing.  Some don’t have much interest in that part, and that’s ok, but I want to emphasize our responsibility to teach not tell, and coach not just count.  It is, and always has been the goal at Ambition Athletics, to arm our members with knowledge to help themselves no matter where they live. One of our former members Dwayne just sent a video update of his training that he had designed and implemented himself, and it was nothing short of excellent.

– Mike Baltren

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