Must Reads 2-24-12

3 Great Coaches, 3 Solid Articles:

The Fascial Knock On Distance Running For Pitchers – Eric Cressey

Really this article applies to everyone so don’t be scared off by the title.  Baseball season is upon us.  Shout if you get extra excited about game 92 during the regular season like I do (note sarcasm).  All kidding aside I like this article from Eric Cressey.  He works with a large baseball population but as I mentioned, the points he makes can easily apply to the average person or non-athlete.  Things such as whole body movements, vector variation and a proprioceptive rich environment are all important and more effective than distance running for reaching your goals, unless of course your sole goal is to run farther.  Even if that were your goal the next most important factors would still be what are listed above.  Cressey also talks about the length of time it can take for both positive and negative change to occur.  Symptoms might not show up until much time later and the damage has been done and on the other end, those changes may take time to reverse through better posture/movement.


These will not improve via more running

10 Minutes A Day Keeps The Doctor Away- Bret Contreras

As usual Bret nails it here.  I have written some at-home workouts for several people over the years.  Although Bret’s is a little quicker I would design it the same way.  Much like the above article Bret covers whole body movement through a full range of motion and in different directions.  What a coincidence!  That must be important.  Many people don’t get that movement on a regular basis but it can be done in as few as 10 minutes a day.  No excuses.  Get it done, unless of course you enjoy wasting time visiting your doctor.

A Girlfriend’s Response – Tony Gentilcore

Sometimes I feel that my life’s mission is to not only teach others about training, but particularly women.  I can’t suggest any reading without having something specific for the ladies.  There are actually a couple of articles to read here.  Tony wrote one called “4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know” a while back.  A great read in and of itself.  Upon his reposting it recently some women didn’t like it, aka they were offended by his tone, etc.  In response Tony’s girlfriend shared her thoughts on “women’s fitness” and those who were a little confused.  It is well written and refreshing coming from a female.  Check it out.

– Mike Baltren

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