Suggested Reading

Is There A Fat Burning Zone and Does It Matter? – Michael Boyle

So you’re telling me that those graphs next to/on the electronics where I can watch/listen to the TV while “working out” on my elliptical are a lie?  Say it ain’t so!  I once saw coach Juan Carlos Santana credited with the quote “The fat burning zone is the fat ass zone”.  For a more scientific explanation, read the article but there is no substitute for hard work.  Unless you are someone preparing for a contest in which you must step on stage in a extremely small bathing suit to be evaluated and judged, then I think the fat burning zone, slow cardio,etc. is generally a waste of time.  And let’s face it, many of wish to look good in a bathing suit or naked for that matter, but we aren’t talking judges score cards here.  The rest of us are not part of a profession that requires us to look a certain way in order to get paid.  The solution? Intensity.

Opening Day Musings: Are You Willing To Put In The Work? – Eric Cressey

I really like this article from Eric.  I think sometimes kids and parents, so that means people in general, don’t realize the amount of work it takes and just the overall tough odds of making it to the pro level in any sport.  Eric gives a little perspective.  As I learn more about John Wooden I realize that, as a human being, simply working hard everyday, giving your best, and being the best teammate possible are what really counts instead of just winning.  I said simple, not easy.  There are many lessons to be learned there.  So, like Eric, I’m not discouraging kids from participating in any way.  However, let’s not sugarcoat things either.  Sometimes a dose of reality is the lesson.  Just because you showed up doesn’t mean you deserve a trophy or pizza after the game like maybe all the others.  There is a lesson in that too.

A Strong Booty Is A Healthy Booty – Bret Contreras

As I’ve written before, I enjoy coaching women, and especially those that aren’t afraid to get strong in their quest for health, a better body and/or performance.  Bret is know as “The Glute Guy” and here he shows several women getting strong while workin’ on their backsides by doing barbell hip thrusts.  It is quite impressive.  When I change my training in a few months I plan to incorporate more of these.

How Big Is Your Engine? – Yours Truly

There seems to be a lot of questions being asked in the titles of these articles.  Since we are on the topic of glutes, here is where I shamelessly plug myself by giving you an article I wrote a few months back.

-Mike Baltren

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  1. Heidi Kamrath says:

    Let’s ALL do the barbell hip thrusts, Mike! P-L-E-A-S-E!

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