Sex And The City, Dan John and Your Butt

For whatever reason, in the past few months there seems to be an influx of ladies at Ambition Athletics looking to increase the size of their backside (aka butt).  I think it’s important to have goals in training and if that’s your goal then great.  I have no problem with it and considering the fact that we as coaches are often talking about the importance of hip extension, glutes, etc, I believe that we can, and have, made a difference for many of our members.  I was recently re-watching a Dan John dvd where he dropped this great quote:

“If you’re a track coach you’re lookin’ for big butts.  Big butts are fast butts.  A big butt runs fast.  The reason I think we need to squat and deadlift to keep our youth, it’s a great Sex And The City episode…..  Old man butt is a sign of old man-ness.  A firm butt is youth.  Paul Anderson always said this is the seat of power.  It’s also the source of youth.”

Warning: Naked saggy man ass at 3:36

Now, lest anyone think for a second that I have ever watched Sex And The City for more than the 4 minutes and 11 seconds found above or should be handing in my man card for writing about it in a training article, I can assure you that is not the case.  Over my lifetime I have fervently boycotted several things.  Namely, I have never seen Titanic, The Notebook, anything dealing with either Twilight or Harry Potter, Bridges of Madison County, Dawson’s Creek, or Sex And The City, among others.  Call me crazy but I just can’t do it, nor has any woman persuaded me to, yet.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is a quote taken from Mike Boyle in a quick butt humorous blog post:

“It looks like a group of butt rustlers swept down and stole everyone’s ass…..  The absence of what should be the largest muscle in the body means that you are on your way to a bad back.  It also means you are not much to look at.”

Agreed.  So what have we learned?  First off, a strong and potentially big butt is beneficial not only in the athletic world (which I have discussed before) butt also in the world of health and longevity. As a coach I would also argue that from a strength, mobility, health, etc perspective, having a strong backside is good for you. That’s why we train the way we do at Ambition Athletics.  Not only that, on an equally important level for those of us who are coaches/trainers working with non-athletes, many women, not all, wish to have a firm and curvy backside.  And if there is a lesson to be learned from the ladies of Sex and the City, some of those same women also dislike when their men have two slices of white bread for glutes. The good news is I think the revolution has begun.  The kettlebell is gaining in popularity, guys like Bret Contreras are giving us more info and exercises to do, and ladies like those of Girls Gone Strong are lifting big and looking great at the same time.  Since a couple of months ago when some observant young ladies mentioned to me that my butt looks like two basketballs I vow to never be that guy in the video, even when I’m 70.  I might have trouble buying pants sometimes butt I can live that.  So, for health and good looks start bridging, swinging, deadlifting and squatting.  Check out the videos below for some impressive glutes.

– Mike Baltren

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8 Responses to Sex And The City, Dan John and Your Butt

  1. golfprogress says:

    Great post Mike. Old man ass is to be avoided at all costs. Perfect technique on those KB swings.

  2. Dan John says:

    Dare I say I am behind this movement?

  3. Coach W says:

    Does this mean from now on we should all do the roll test? 😉

  4. it’s a shame. I see some girls that don’t eat and are skinny fat and without firmness. Just some exercise other than the gerbil machine and they’d be so much better off.

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