Age; Nothing but a number

When it comes to training, age may not be as important as you think.  Why you ask?  Well, because more important than someone’s chronological age is how well they move.  It’s no surprise to me when someone the age of 75 can’t do a perfect squat. But guess what?  At this point in my career I have seen many 18 year olds that can’t do one either.  No matter what your age, as long as a movement is not painful then you should be executing it to some capacity. 15 years old?  Goblet squats are good for you. 63?  If you could practice some goblet squats that would be great.  At what age should a person stop doing bridges? I’m pretty sure never.  Push ups? Why not?  We all have the ability to do these things or at least did at one time.  If it’s gone, let’s get it back.

Everyone should be training.  You might be surprised that someone who is “older” might actually move better and stronger than someone half their age.  It’s all relative to your skill level and progression.  That’s where smart training comes in to play. For some it might be longer or shorter in duration.  Some people might squat with assistance, others with weight, while still others on one leg.  Everyone is squatting relative to skill and strength, not necessarily age.

3 Key Points:
If you consider yourself old, there is no excuse.  You are only old if you think you are.  Don’t work through pain but there is still likely many movements that can keep you moving well, strong and healthy.

If you are young and lazy, it’s true what they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  And, if you are struggling with a movement issue, you can make it better with some practice because somewhere out there an 80 year old man is doing prettier goblet squats, rows, and/or get-ups than you are.

Last point, like I always say progression is important.  On some level the majority of people can push up, bodyweight row, deadlift and bridge.  We don’t outgrow these things. They keep us healthy. Do them! I don’t care how old you are.  Like Dan Gable says, if it’s important, do it everyday.

– Mike Baltren

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1 Response to Age; Nothing but a number

  1. mr zuffa says:

    hey tell me about it buddy .i will be 55 in may 2013 and still.strong as hell… prof on you tube last year pressing 44 kgs and 32kgs kettlebells for reps …ha ha …82 kilo body weight…and just like to say the shankster … his my hero …love him ….you tube kb5x5

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