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Call of Booty – David Fleming

I was recently enjoying some time on my friend Nick’s couch checking out the ESPN The Magazine Body Issue when I came across this fantastic piece.  I’ve talked about it before, Dan John has talked about it and so have the ladies from Sex And The City.  What is it?  Your butt!!!  Want to be healthy, perform your sport at a high level, or look good?  Work on your glutes.  If you haven’t heard it from us enough at Ambition, this article is music to my ears, or eyes, or something like that.  Just read it and get to work on squeezin’ those glutes.  We say it so much at the gym we have considered adopting the motto, “Ambition Athletics, squeezing your glutes since ’09.”

Where Have All The PRs Gone? – Aimee Anaya Everett

In this article Aimee gives us as little dose of reality.  Specifically she talks about the sport of weightlifting but I think what she is talking about relates to a lot of things in life.  What she says reminds of a quote that I heard not too long ago that goes like this, “Only the mediocre are at their best everyday.”  Realize two things about whatever it is that you are engaging in; 1. You won’t always improve in a linear fashion.  If that were true, since I started bench pressing at 14 yrs old or so, I’d be benching upwards of 4,000 lbs by now.  2.  It’s a journey, or process.  Call it what you want.  Understand that training is not for the short term.  In Aimee’s case the sport of weightlifting is a way of life.  For others, the training for health and longevity are also a lifestyle.  It’s not always easy but if you are passionate about something you keep going.  Recently on Real Sports on HBO Olympic weightlifter and future London Games competitor Holley Mangold said this, “There’s a part of the lift when the bar hits off your hips.  Well sometimes you hit it just right that it’s weightless.  Those lifts are like finding a pot of gold.  Once you feel that lift you’re going to spend the rest of your life chasing to get those lifts all the time.”  I think any athlete or competitor can relate to this.  Whether it’s a day you are “in the zone”, “feeling it” or you feel like you are playing NBA Jam on Sega and it’s a “he’s on fire!’ moment, you know what Holley is talking about.  On a personal level I can relate to this article because I have had some recent success in the Scottish Highland Games.  But, the truth is, I’m a rookie.  Setting PR’s is awesome but I know that pretty soon they won’t be occurring as often.  Each new PR is going to take more and more time and effort.  Soon there will be days of frustration and I’m going to have to choose to battle it out or give up, with the latter not really being an option.

What Is Girls Gone Strong? – Neghar Fonooni

Starting a few weeks ago I started wearing my Girls Gone Strong bracelet.  This has brought about 3 things on a regular basis.  First, I like to show it to people because I find it amusing.  I’m not worried if others are or not.  Second, people ask me about it or where I got it.  Third, inevitably the person asks what Girls Gone Strong is, at which time I usually provide a “weak” answer.  Well, no longer.  In this article Neghar Fonooni, explains exactly what Girls Gone Strong is and well, I support them.  “Girls Gone Strong is a movement that is redefining what it means to train like a girl.  It is a strength revolution that aims to inspire and motivate women worldwide to find their quintessential strength-whether it lies within them or is expressed through their physicality.”

– Mike Baltren

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