Just Move

On Sunday after waking I was taking a stroll down the street thinking to myself (see here), movement is good for you.  It’s the opposite of sitting and being in a potentially unhealthy position, which is likely what I would be doing the rest of the day on my friend’s couch (I call it recovery but who’s counting?  I did foam roll and stretch later in the day).  Anyway, the body adapts to the demands you place on it.  Not moving is detrimental to our health.  In a word it’s, bad.  Wow, how unique and profound this thought process was.  But then I took this internal discussion further.  Walking, which is what I was doing, is good for you.  And although debatable, maybe jogging or running is better, or at least more advanced.  But I believe one can do better.  Most often walking and jogging are done in a fixed, really unchanging pattern.  What if instead of just moving straight ahead (linear) for an extended period of time a person were to also move backward, right, left, up, down and just about any other direction one could think of?  Wouldn’t that also be superior?  And in doing so, many of the joints were taken through full ranges of motion.  And, after a while, when the body adapted to those movements of up, down and all around and they become less challenging, that person could add load or speed to the movement.  That would make it even better than before!  Most people want to look like they are capable of doing somewhat athletic movements and just as important they want to feel that way too.  If you are capable of it, get out and move.  It won’t be the same for everyone based on skill level and ability but you don’t get any better without practice!  Practice moving everyday and challenge yourself sometimes.  Just walking isn’t enough when you are capable of more.  5 lb bicep curls aren’t going to cut it for a healthy individual.  Pick something up off the ground and put it back down.  Move fast sometimes, i.e. jump, skip or sprint.  Empower yourself.  Just move.

– Mike Baltren

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1 Response to Just Move

  1. noodlehead says:

    I agree Mike, movement is the most important aspect of exercise, followed by variety of movement.

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