Get stronger, Improve your posture, and fix that busted shoulder in 5 Seconds with this move…

Isometric Chest Supported Rows:

We live in a posture that revolves around sitting down, usually in front of a screen. We also live in a fitness world, where the bench press, pushups, and chest work in general take the majority of our attention—after all who doesn’t want a sweet set of beach muscles?

These factors usually leave us with poor posture and busted shoulders. To fix it, horizontal rows make a lot of sense, but they miss a piece of the puzzle—end range of motion.

End ROM is your limit, where your active flexibility ends. Traditional load bearing exercises don’t address gaining new end ROM. This is where end range isometrics come in and kick major ass.

End range isometric: Exerting against an immovable force or object into your end range of motion, thereby increasing your active flexibility via reciprocal inhibition.

This is a type of overcoming isometric.

Not only will end range isometrics improve your flexibility but they can also make you freaky strong. Maximum contraction of a muscle is not achieved instantly after initial exertion but often takes 3-5 seconds to reach. Just one more reason to include some isometrics into your strength training.

Long story short, if you want to have strong, healthy shoulders, and good posture, do some Isometric Chest Supported Rows and reap the benefits.


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