One Arm Bodyweight Progressions

In the past few years much has been made about the advantages of single leg training.  There are certainly progressions to advancing to from a simple split squat to a single leg squat or pistol.  So what about single limb training for the upper body?  Single arm presses, both vertical and horizontal, as well as dumbbell rows and single arm rows on a suspension trainer are all fantastic choices for building upper body strength but the progressions are fewer.  Almost anyone can perform these exercises by simply lightening the load or changing the body angle.  Enter single arm push up and pull up progressions.  The ultimate goal in no way needs to be a full single arm push up or chin, although for a select few it may.  These are four simple ways to add strength and variation to your upper body movements emphasizing 1 arm.

To make the chin up with the martial arts belt more difficult move your hand lower down the belt.  Progression for the neutral grip pull up is remove one finger from the bar at a time.  For the single arm push up first move your hand wider.  Next take your thumb off of the ground, and finally begin to remove fingers.  For the sliding push up weight can be added in the form of chains or a weight vest.

– Mike Baltren

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