Drink, Sit and Feel Miserable

Just a short vignette for you this week.  The title here is a spin off, or the exact opposite of the phenomenal fitness site Eat, Lift and Be Happy written by Neghar Fonooni.  About 2 weeks ago I took a much needed break from training and vacation to the east coast.  It came at the perfect time as I had been training hard for the Highland Games which culminated two days before heading east.  I swear if I had to throw one more shot put or take one more Sunday afternoon drive to Vista to throw a tree I was going to just stand tall the next time I heard someone call out in warning that an implement might be headed my way.  While in Massachusetts I visited my Mom, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Cressey Performance, Xcelerated Performance, college friends and attended the wedding of a childhood friend, but not necessarily in that order.  While I had an amazing time being back “home” seeing some very important people in my life as well as meeting some new ones, when it all came to a close, I’m not afraid to admit that I drank too much, sat quite a bit (in other words no training whatsoever) and felt beat up and ready to go home to my normal routine.

All of this got me thinking.  I’ve always imagined that if I could be anything in the world it would either be a professional skateboarder or a rock star.  Well, I basically lived the stereotypical rock star lifestyle for about 5 days and that’s all it took for my body to hate me.  There was hardly any real/quality food, late nights, sleeping late that and a general overall lack of movement.  This has led me to think that other people, certainly not rock stars, lead a similar lifestyle of sitting for long hours, poor food choices and not enough movement.  I am now further convinced that moving, just moving on a regular is the basis for life and vitality.  As much as I personally love moving heavy objects for someone else I may just be talking about simply the opposite of sitting all day.  No one should feel like I did after those five days, especially on a regular basis.

As I always say, having goals is important.  But they don’t have to be athletic or completely aesthetic.  Just training (moving), to lead a better life is a great goal.  Find some sort of exercise that you enjoy.  See here.  Ideally, make sure you’re moving the joints through a full range of motion or even a well thought out stretching program is a plus if the activity doesn’t provide much range of motion.  The moral of the story is, don’t get caught in a cycle of feeling tight and sluggish on a daily basis.  Get out and move more often while making better nutritional decisions and you will feel better.  There are many ways to do both of these things.  Find out what works for you or find someone who can help but don’t wait.  Start eating, lifting and being happy.

– Mike Baltren

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