Man Skills Vol 2: Strong Men Speak

If you haven’t read The first installment, go do that now. I’ll wait.

Man Skills: 9 Ways to Elevate Your Manliness

I recognize that my vision of manliness may be biased–even though I am right. So for your enjoyment I recruited some strong men to weigh in with their thoughts on Manliness.


1)      Be Honest – It’s amazing how many “men” say they will do something and never follow through, or, make up bull shit excuses for not following through. You wanna be a MAN? Then if you SAY you’re gonna do it, fucking DO it. Period.

2) Learn The “S Word” – One of the hardest things to do is to accept the fact that you made a mistake, take responsibility for it and then openly apologize for doing wrong. You must learn to say “I’m sorry”, and if you do this, then it must come from the heart. After saying “I’m sorry” you should redeem yourself by doing the right thing and making up for your mistake.

Boys point the finger and blame others for their mistakes, MEN will apologize and find a way to do good after they have done wrong.

3) Integrity – Even when no one is looking, you need to do the right thing. This is when it REALLY counts. We have ALL made mistakes in life, and we will ALL continue to make mistakes. You will make LESS mistakes when you stop worrying about putting up a front for people. Instead, focus on doing the right thing even when no one is watching you.

We will never be perfect, we will always make mistakes, but having the discipline and the integrity to be honest and walk the talk, even when others aren’t watching is a BIG step in the right direction.

4) Read books written by Navy SEALs & other Military Special Forces. You will quickly realize that the life you complain about (or brag about) is not as difficult or as glamorous as you thought it was.

The men who are fighting on the front lines to protect our country so we can enjoy our day to day lives of luxury are the REAL Men.

5) Don’t Be An Excuse Maker – I’ve heard countless men and countless teenage boys make excuses about why they can’t do this or can’t do that.

“I’m so unfocused today because I didn’t have my coffee”

“I woke up late”

“I don’t like eggs”

“There’s no food in my house”

Shut UP with your excuses. Excuses are a green light to accept failure and mediocrity. REAL Men will DO what it takes to accomplish their goals. They won’t let excuses or BS stand in their way.

6) Train Outdoors at least 1 x week – Regardless of the weather, brutally cold or brutally hot, escape the normal gym environment and go “NO Rules” for a workout.

Hit the trails with a weighted back pack or vest, do pull ups on low hanging branches, find a stone and carry it until you can no longer hold the stone, run more, do push ups and go beyond your normal 37 minute workout with worries of negatively affecting your T Levels.

Push your mind and body BEYOND the norm and don’t allow a training partner or I Pod to push you or motivate you. Instead, learn to find that fire in your gut and do the work on your own!


Become Known For Something Awesome

Neil Armstrong. Lance Armstrong. Warren Buffet. Arnold. Each one of these names immediately conjures up an image of what these manly men are known for. Nothing is more manly than being known for being excellent at something. You don’t get known for being average at things, and being average is not manly.

Arnold: Most well known for killing the Predator in 1987

What is your neighbor Average Bob known for? What do his friends call Bob about? To borrow a Sawzall. Power tools are manly to be sure, but only being known for drinking a lot of beer and having a garage full of stuff you don’t use is pretty weak.

People invariably contact me out of the blue to ask about one of two things: transforming their physique or skydiving. Jumping out of freaking planes. That is one of the things people contact me about, because I’ve become known for it (although not for excellence, yet). That, my friends is manly.

Grow Facial Hair

Growing a virtuous beard is indisputably manly. Women like beards. If you’ve never experienced walking through life seeing things through the eyes of a man with a beard, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. In fact, you may even have your first experience with another manly trait, being called ‘sir’.

But there is a certain style of facial hair that is even more manly than the beard*. I’m talking about the moustache. Many men can grow a beard, but only an elite few have the gusto it takes to rock a righteous ’stache.

*Editor’s note: A proper beard contains a moustache and is therefore as manly as having both a moustache and a beard.

That’s all for Volume 2. There was too much Manliness so we had to split it up. Stay tuned for volume 3, men!

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1 Response to Man Skills Vol 2: Strong Men Speak

  1. Lauren Kent says:

    Can’t say I agree that “women like beards.” Other than that, I loved this piece- it made me laugh out loud.

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