Strong At Any Age

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First off, these thoughts/rants are not to toot the proverbial horn of any of the coaches at Ambition Athletics nor single out any individual member based on their age or even gender for that matter.  What I do what to convey is how both impressed and proud I am of so many members that we have.  I don’t sit back and think often enough or verbalize it to said members, but I believe that there are some really strong and fit people training at Ambition that aren’t necessarily in their roaring 20’s let’s say.  I’m approaching having worked in the industry for 9 years.  I’ve trained as well as observed in many different facilities.  By no means have I seen it all but I’ve certainly developed a keener eye for quality movement and strength as time goes on.  What I currently see at Ambition on a daily basis is so many alleged “non athletes” that are far more the exception rather than the rule and that’s what puts a smile on my face each time I finally take a minute to think about it.  And how could I not smile when I see the grinning face of a person that finally did their first pull up after working on it for several months or nailed a set of swings with that heavier bell which was only possible in their wildest dreams the first time they laid eyes on it.

Trust me, I’m not biased.  I have high expectations for everyone that walks into the gym regardless of age or gender.  I know anyone can make huge changes and reach goals if they really want to.  The funny thing to me is sometimes I completely forget the age of members because they continue to perform at a level superior to those far younger and what the media would have one believe is “acceptable” for the “average person” of said age, and I think it’s just as well.  It seems that just about anytime a member tries a new lift or first sees another member do something impressive and is a little intimidated; they soon have a different mindset and a belief that they too can do it.  I like to think that this helps provide a positive and motivating training environment.

Strong may or may not fix everything but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make one healthier and more confident in several ways.  I believe that we have developed a training philosophy that can push anyone to the next level in a safe and progressive manner via hard work but also sustainability.  So, this is a salute to ya’ll at Ambition.  We have merely provided the roadmap or the more appropriately titled GPS.  It’s up to you after that.  And like I said, I am both impressed and proud.  As we often say, thanks for being awesome.

– Mike Baltren

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4 Responses to Strong At Any Age

  1. Heidi Kamrath says:

    Awe shucks, Mike– nearly brought a tear to my (aging) eye! Thank you for those kind words on behalf of myself and the many others around the mid-century mark who love coming to Ambition where we can check our age at the door and train side-by-side with young bucks half our age and JUST BE STRONG. Age is just a number (big sigh, repeat like a mantra, especially when a birthday is coming up) and I thank you and Max and Brian and Holly and Kandice for giving EVERYONE the coaching and encouragement to be the best we can be, chronological age be damned! -Heidi

  2. Great article, once again, Mike. The positive energy that FLOWS from everyone at Ambition makes all the difference. You all don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. There is hard work, focus, compassion, energy, and joy there. While your clients are lifting, you are uplifting. “Lifting and uplifting.” I think there is a new tagline in there . . . All intellectual property rights, including trademark to you. 🙂 Now . . . I just need to come back and see you soon. XO

  3. Cathy Bucalo says:

    Mike Baltren, trainor extroidainare you have been in my mid-life for many a year of those 9 you talk about…You encouraged me to read this article and let me know i was among the team, not roaring twenties, you spoke of. Thank you so much for including me in the mix, the atta girls mean alot. I believe I was among your first clients that was privy to the ropes work outs and I felt then a sense of a progressive mind bringing challenge to system that seemed to be in place. You have been out of the box for a long time and then to have teamed up with Max and bring in Brian the presense of real men who really care about the clientel is more than apprarent to those who have desire to follow that cue. Thank you for repeating yourself with me over and over, with a kind encourging demenaor. My ability to grow stronger and more confidant speaks to being able to hold my own, as we work to defy the relentless process of aging. The more flexible and strong I become the more I can do for myself and others not surrendering to the process. I thank you for that..I cant do it alone. Much love and appreciation to you all. I too, am both impressed and proud to be part of Ambition Athletics xxoo Cathy Bucalo

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