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Sitting Is The Smoking Of Our Generation – Nilofer Merchant

Much like smoking, sitting can kill you slowly so get up and move around frequently.  This article is a good take on what you can do to sit less especially if your job requires you to do so, and better yet, you can really counteract that sitting by deadlifting and swinging a kettlebell.

The Most Important Variable In A Trianing Program – Greg Robins

Spoiler alert, not every person moves the same and not every exercise fits every body.  Especially in the personal and small group training world that I live in this concept is huge.  Things can even change on a day to day level depending on how a person feels and because of other outside influences.  Even more on that in the article below.

Finding Your Perfect Squat With Biofeedback – David Dellanave

Like in the article above, not all exercises fit all people and not even everyday.  Enter biofeedback training.  We have relatively recently begun to implement some biofeedback training at Ambition Athletics.  It’s definitely different than what most people are used to but very interesting.  David explains more here and also provides some good video demo.  Check the links on his page for even more info.


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Sport I: Review and Recap – Allan Phillips

I’ve recently learned a little more about DNS as I’ve been rehabbing my shoulder.  I have barely a fraction of understanding of all that DNS encompasses but here Allan Phillips gives an overview.  What I do know I like about it is that as Allan says, “DNS is not meant to supplant anything.  Instead, it provides a framework and exercise options to deal with motor problems we encounter”.  When people ask me what I’ve been doing I start by saying that I’ve been learning and practicing breathing, a lot.  But if that what’s going to make me feel better, and it has, as well as get me to the next level, then I am all for it.  As coach Charlie Weingroff has said when talking about DNS, “I’ve come to think that program design and special exercise selection, which crucial in many ways, is far less important than fine tuning the body through its efficiencies in motor control and movement organization  I think then and only then, can you make a real monster”.  “….. it still always goes back to bigger, stronger, faster……  establishing this balance was really the key takeaway (from the course).”  The building monsters concept may not be intriguing to the average person like it is to me but I think it still applies to everyone in some way, not just elite athletes.

– Mike Baltren

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