7 Reasons You Should Deadlift

A while back I wrote an article entitled “Strong Fixes Everything”.  A generalization for sure but valid in more ways than not.  I love the deadlift.  It’s simple, effective and just plain fun (to me at least and I know I’m not the only one).  In many ways the deadlift fixes everything.  Let me elaborate.


Are you looking to work on your booty, which seems to be an ongoing theme at Ambition Athletics?  Maybe you want to tone it, tighten it or make it bigger.  The deadlift is a great choice.  Not only are your hips doing most of the work but all of the muscles of your backside from the back of your shoulders to the back of your knees.

Deadlifts make you a faster runner.  I don’t care if we are talking 100 m or a half marathon, having a strong deadlift will help you to produce force to run faster as in sprinting, as well as absorb force over longer distances making you more efficient.  Stronger equals better and the deadlift should be near the top of the list.

That same ability to produce force will make a better jumper.  Stronger legs equal jumping higher.  Are there other things you can do to improve your jumping ability in conjunction with the deadlift?  Absolutely, but the deadlift is a great place to start if A. you’ve never done it before and B. if you simply aren’t a strong deadlifter.

Trap Bar

As a coach I have found that many people, who don’t train regularly, or at all, begin to lose or have lost the ability to hinge their hips.  Sitting back into the hinge doesn’t feel natural to them.  It should, but it doesn’t.  Enter the deadlift.  The weight isn’t even relevant in this case, just the pattern.  Restoring that movement leads to the ability to load the hips properly and thus a stronger, healthier back.

As I mentioned earlier the deadlift works a multitude of muscles at the same time.  So, if you are limited for time and looking to still get a solid training effect, choose the deadlift.  You may make this decision because you work long hours and have 3 kids that need rides all over the state, or because you are a runner like in the above example.  To be a better sprinter or distance runner you’ve got to practice, leaving limited time for the weight room.  In both scenarios, the deadlift rules.

Ok, so hopefully you are sold at this point but just deadlifting all the time might seem boring, at least to the average person.  Good news, there are many different variations including barbell, sumo stance barbell, trap bar, single leg with either kettlebells or barbell and even that’s just to name a few.

Lastly, a strong deadlift looks cool.  If your strength is up to par it will be the one exercise that you can lift the most impressive weight.  Guys, it will totally help you get girls.  And ladies, I’m single and totally dig a girl with a strong deadlift sooo……

– Mike Baltren

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