a big day in jan

A Busy Saturday at Mike’s Gym

Saturday!  It’s the heart and soul of the weekend as far as I’m concerned.  Some live for their Friday happy hour but not me.  I live for Saturday.  Now, I won’t lie, I do enjoy a spirit or two on Saturday evenings but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about here.  Years ago I didn’t train on the weekends.  It was relatively inconvenient and didn’t fit my schedule very well.  The weekend was more for relaxing.  That all changed in a hurry starting on September 19th 2008.  At that time I began training at Mike’s Gym in Bonsall every week and Saturday became, and still is, my favorite day to train.

Not much has changed since other than the location.  Unfortunately I don’t get to spend my Saturday at Mike’s anymore but there is still good news.  We have cultivated an awesome group of coaches, gym owners and friends that frequently train at Ambition on Saturday afternoons and we get after it.  There just isn’t anything I look forward to more on a regular basis during the week then knowing that some smiling faces are going to walk through that door and we are all going to do the same thing; lift some heavy stuff and be awesome.  There generally isn’t any time constraints, we can make a mess, try new things, challenge each other and just have fun.

So what made Saturday “the day” starting back in ’08?  Well, first off I went to Mike’s Gym to learn.  I was granted the chance to train there and I deemed it quite an opportunity to be a better athlete myself but more importantly the chance to be a better coach by learning from some other coaches and athletes.  Second was the atmosphere.  Mike’s was a place to train hard and get your hands dirty.  People wanted to be there, and they came from far and wide.  They were there to be focused and consistently make themselves better but that’s part of what made it so much fun.  Lastly, and arguably most important, the people themselves.  Most everyone there was not only focused and driven but cared about helping each other along the way too whether it was a coaching point, an applause after a new PR or to be the one who would jump in the freezing cold pool with you in January.

Mikes Gym

The View From Mike’s

I feel at this point we have grown to have a similar situation on Saturdays.  As coaches and friends we are constantly helping each other out, pushing some limits, and well, everyone is cool, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.  I’d be exaggerating if I told you that personally I’m always ready to “bring it” the other 3 days I train during the week.  Some week days I feel sluggish, didn’t get enough sleep or get completely side tracked by phone calls, emails and other “things”.  But, like I mentioned before, the weekend can still be for relaxing, just in a different way.  All the other “things” are on hold and it’s time to have fun, and by that I mean train.  I think there is a certain comfort or maybe just expectation for Saturday.  Knowing what to expect is helpful in that there is no slacking.

All of that being said, as we say at Ambition, if it’s not fun don’t do it.  I can only encourage each of you to have a place, a day or a time that regularly you will bring your best, have fun and expect things to happen.  It doesn’t matter the day or the location, just the right people (or it could be just you, who knows) and/or atmosphere.

–  Mike Baltren

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