Seinfeld On Training

I was recently sent two articles from The New York Times.  My favorite entitled For Men, A Gluteus More Maximus and another Exercise In A Pill? The Search Continues.  The latter article describes hope for those who are seriously injured and may derive some better health from said pill and I’m all for that.  What I’m not for however is anyone of reasonable health opting for a pill instead of putting in a little effort to better themselves.  And I don’t even mean better themselves by gaining better aerobic capacity and oxygen uptake through aerobic exercise as the article alludes to.  I mean more strength, less pain, more oxygen uptake and better movement/flexibility/mobility (call it what you want).  Speaking of effort, the first article is a real hoot.  Specifically it’s about men getting butt augmentation when they can’t fill out their jeans.  Now, I am in no way ranting against plastic surgery.  To each their own.  It’s your body.  Ink it up, pierce it, whatever.  However, when you get surgery on something that, dare I say, is as easy to change as your butt, I take some issue.  With a little effort, not to mention health benefits, and no other serious lifestyle changes any respectable man can grow his glutes and better fill out his jeans.  Sorry, I think it’s that simple.  It may not be easy, it requires effort, but simple enough.  If you as a man are training your lower body aside from sitting down on your butt to do so and progress isn’t being made, well, you’re doing it wrong!  See below.  Take that money and hire a real coach.  The ladies are doing it guys.  I see them everyday.  And those that aren’t, well, I’ve noticed that too.

So what does any of this have to do with Jerry Seinfeld?  Well, in late June he was on the Howard Stern Show and he had this quote that resonated with me.

“A lotta guys, they don’t wanna lift those weights.  It’s like going to the gym everyday.  You walk in and it’s like, geez, I gotta do this again?  A lotta  guys don’t wanna do it.  It’s brutal.  Your blessing in life is when you find the torture you’re comfortable with.  Is that too rough?  That’s marriage, it’s kids, it’s work, it’s exercise.  It’s not eating the food you wanna eat.  Find the torture you’re comfortable with and you’ll do well.  It’s no different than when you’re 30 minutes into your workout, you’re ok.  You don’t wanna get you’re ass outta bed.  You don’t wanna sit in that awful chair chair again but once ya get goin’.  And that’s life.  You master that, you’ve mastered life.  It’s a high confront.  (when referring to interpreting all situations of daily life as possible comedic material)  It’s a torture I love.”


I realize what Jerry said could mean many things to many people.  Hopefully you can get something out of it for yourself.  To me it means if you want something you have to put in the work and that includes your booty, even if you’re a man.  Now, whatever it is might feel like torture sometimes but it depends on how important it is to you.  There is comfort in knowing that you are doing what you love or for who you love.  As far as training, not only do you have to put in the work but it should be something that you enjoy on some level.  Not all training systems fit every person perfectly.  We’re willing to say this at Ambition, it’s not for everyone.  Find a “torture”, if you see it that way, that you can deal with and you’ll be ok.  You don’t want to resent going to your workout everyday.  When it comes to food, Jerry reminds me of how we look at the 80% Rule.  I don’t know that I’ve ever in my life enjoyed eating broccoli but I eat it almost everyday.  I eat other fruits and veggies but their just not the same as bacon, steak or drinking a Coca-Cola, sorry.  I’ve just found the torture that I’m comfortable with and I do ok.  That’s part of the reason my diet doesn’t change too much, only when I find something else that is worth it.  Torture may not be the optimal word but you can see what he means.  It won’t be the same for everyone but figure out what works for you and get it done.

– Mike Baltren

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