Kickstand Variations


Single leg work is an important component of training at Ambition Athletics.  Split Squats and reverse lunges typically progress to single leg squats when appropriate.  Kettlebell deadlifts before single leg deadlifts.  Anti rotation presses (much like chopping and lifting patterns) can progress from various kneeling positions, standing and with a staggered stance leading eventually to a single leg.  But what if there were an in between option?  Not only to help assist in progression but to also add variety and the potential for more load.  Enter the “kickstand” position.  Even as recently as a year ago I would have never even considered such a position nor had I even seen it before.  Well, times change.  Below are the “kickstand” style deadlift, squat and anti-rotation press.  In each movement the stance leg takes on the vast majority of the work while the other leg simply acts as a kickstand to assist.  So here you have a lower body pull and push as well as a core stabilization drill all emphasizing a single leg.

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