Training On The Road

Recently I took a trip to Cancun to attend the wedding of one of my best friends.  All inclusive resorts sure are fun, and gluttonous.  But to avoid the trap of not moving enough and feeling terrible because of it, which I have fallen into before while on vacation, I made sure that I visited the gym on two different days for a brief training session.  I could have made excuses, and believe me I wanted to, but because of these movement sessions I felt significantly better physically and mentally.  As I continue to preach, it doesn’t necessarily matter that I moved (relatively) small weights, the important thing is that I moved.  By that I mean in different planes of motion and through a full range of motion in many joints.  This is the key to minimizing pain and better health on a regular basis.  Below are the two quick workouts I was able accomplish without my regular training equipment but what was still more than enough.

Day #1

Warm up = Circles through various joints, wrists, elbows, hips, ankles, etc.

A. Goblet Squat:  50 lbs x 12 reps x 3 sets

B. Chest Supported Row:  50 lbs x 12 reps x 3 sets

C. Hip Flexor Stretch

A. Tall Kneeling Curl and Press:  30 lbs x 10 x 3 sets

B. Cook Hip Lift: x10 reps x 3 sets

C. Deep Lunge w/ T-Spine Rotation

A. Farmer Carry: 45 kg plates x 2 laps x 3 sets

B. Deadbug

Day #2

Warm up = Same as Day 1

A. Goblet Reverse Lunge:  50 x 8 ea. x 3 sets

B. Lat Pulldown: x 12 reps x 3 sets (just like the old days)

C. Thoracic Bridge

A. Push Up: x 10 reps x 3 sets

B. Single Leg Deadlift: 35 lbs x 5 reps x 3 sets (so sore!!)

C. Deep Lunge w/ T-Spine Rotation

Suitcase Carry: Multiple Sets

I’m A Hell of A Cook

I recently moved, which entailed purchasing a new frying pan.  The first one I bought I hated.  Then I made trip #2,129 to Target, give or take, to buy some more stuff and I bought a GreenPan.  It’s got a ceramic coat and allegedly it’s a healthier option but I’ll tell ya what, nothing sticks so far.  To the point I have to be careful my food doesn’t go flying out when I’m trying to cook all that bacon and sausage.  I haven’t seen great reviews for this product on Amazon but I’m happy so far so I thought I would share.  The fact is I’m not a great cook and I don’t care about purchasing exceptional cooking ware from a high end store but I like GreenPan so far.


Laugh, Cry, Think

I used to sit and watch movies with more frequency but for some reason the last few years I don’t have the patience.  The only exception to that are the 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN.  Sunday night I sat down and watched the latest 30 for 30 installment called “Youngstown Boys”.  Say what you will about college football and various institutions, rules violations, etc. but in this story coach Jim Tressel comes off as a guy who legitimately cares about his athletes and making them better people.  I respect that and am considering picking up Tressel’s book.  I can’t recommend the 30 for 30 documentaries enough and many of them are now on Netflix.  The wide ranging stories are amazing and many of them have made me, in the words of Jimmy Valvano, “Laugh, cry and think”.  You don’t have to like Jim Tressel or Maurice Clarrett but in this story, like many of the others, you will likely experience these range of emotions.

– Mike Baltren

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