4 Reasons You Aren’t Getting The Results You Want

First determine what you are after.  What’s the goal?  Are you making progress?  If you are completely satisfied with your training, that’s awesome.  You’re clearly doing something right, read no further.  If you aren’t getting the results you really want, something needs to change.  Below are 4 places to look to make an adjustment.

1.  Your Diet Is Still Poor

You can never underestimate the power of what you put in your body when you are trying to make a change.  Whether it’s to make you leaner, have more energy throughout the day or to put on muscle, most people could easily make a few changes.  I’ve decided that all bread is useless.  Delicious?  Sure.  Beneficial?  Not at all.  Cereal=Junk.  I don’t care what kind of heart healthy claims they make.  Oh, so it’s not killing you?  Awesome.  That’s about it.  I was listening to a certain satellite radio host the other day talk about a certain comedian and some of the foods he consumed when they were together and he commented that they were all foods/products that a person could easily do/live without.  Think about it.  What do you take in and really don’t need?  I understand that eating perfectly at all times is like a prison sentence but realize a few changes could make the difference for you.

Sled pushing

2.  You’re Still Doing The Same Thing As 5 Years Ago

So you got moderate results 5 years ago.  What’s that saying about repeating the same thing over again and expecting a different result?  Time to switch it up.  Change the weight, change the reps or sets.  Maybe you could train with more frequency such as 40 minutes three times a week instead of 1 hour two times a week.  It could be that you need to train less. If you are hooked on doing an hour of cardio everyday and are unsatisfied with the result, change it up.  Pick up the pace and do merely 20 minutes, of intervals.

3.  Those Weights Are Too Light

Come to think of it, if you aren’t lifting weights, start.  That’s step one.  If you already are, are you still using dumbbells between 5-25 lbs?  Perhaps afraid to do fewer that 12 reps of an exercise at the risk of becoming muscle-bound and possibly injuring yourself with such a heavy weight (aka 2.5-5 lbs heavier than what you have done many times over the years)?  If you want to step up your results it’s time to step up the weight.  Here’s the tip:  I don’t care how many you do as long as you make it look easy.  You know, easy like those 20 reps you already did when you could have done 25 if you really tried and weren’t busy thinking about something else.

Pink db

4.  You Are Still Training Muscles And Not Movements

The days of training body parts are over!  Sure if you are a bodybuilder then splitting up certain body parts and days to train them is fine.  Truth is I know a lot of people that “work out” and not one of them actually wants to be or look like a bodybuilder.  The solution?  Stop training like one.  Focus on training movements such as upper and lower body pushing and pulling, squatting, hinging, etc.  Isolation of muscles is not only boring and less effective but also less time efficient.  Training more muscles at one time makes you stronger, better coordinated and doesn’t waste time.

– Mike Baltren

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