Girls Just Wanna Be Strong

Looking back on the last 10 days of group classes at Ambition Athletics 61% of those attending were women.  I’m personally proud of that.  It’s no secret that I enjoy coaching women.  To steal an analogy from a Jiu-Jitsu instructor I once spoke with, generally women are like a blank slate.  They don’t have any bad training habits.  I find that the women I’ve worked with are mostly willing to learn and often fond of getting stronger once they get the hang of it.  Getting strong and seeing progress is fun and girls just wanna be strong! We talk a lot about the benefits and reasons women should train with weights.  I’ve written some in the past HERE and HERE, but before you check out the video below of some ladies at Ambition being awesome, consider this thought from coach Mark Rippetoe, “….. women get the best results when they train for performance……  there is no difference in the quality of the exercise needed to produce the stress that causes adaptation.  In other words, silly bullshit in the gym is silly bullshit, for both sexes.”  So, don’t be silly.  Keep it simple, make it look good and get stronger.

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